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firefighters from fafax county, lorton and springfield responded to calls from frantic neighbors. >> i ran outsid i saw a fire. i ran in and called 911. th put me on hold and sat there for a minute. i call 9-1-1 again from may cell phone and they did finally answer. they said that they already had a call in. >> reporter: when the firefighters arrived on the scene, neighbors were yelling that there were people trapped inside. a mother and two of her sons. aged 5 and 3, werekill in the fire. before she succumbed, the mother managed to get three other children out of the second floor window. >> it appears prior to first arriving units this morning, there was an adult that lowered thee children, one by one, down to an adult at the ground level.
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>> reporter: the children were taken to a neighbor's house. >> e kids told me they jumped out the window. i talk to them and they said she jumped out the window. and the mom dropped the baby out the window to the uncle. >> porter: the 2-month-old baby girl was taken by helicopter to a hospital. the other survivors, two brothers, ages 6 and 8, and their uncle, were transported for treatment of nonlife threatening juries. the entire second floor of the townhouse is gutted. fire investigators are combing through the debris and interviewing neighbors. >> there is no cause. it is under investigation. firefighters, investigators are just now getting into the structure to where they can dig that fire out. >> reporter: a neighbor and close friend says the family moved here in february. and that they have been without power in the townhouse for the past two days. >> i was with her last night. and i took her to the store to buy candles because they did not have will electricity. i just, i know they had to have passed out with the candles.
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that's all i can think of. >> reporter: stacey woods said she doesn' know why the family had no electricity for the past two days. news4 contactedominion power which said it is their policy not to release individual account information. that it works customers ving difficulty paying bis through special payment plans. fairfax, fire investigators will not confirm whether there were candes in the apartment, in the townhoue. ey say they will follow all leads to determine the official cause of this fire. we're live tonight in lorton, virginia. backstudio. >> all right. a navy seal with ties to our area has been kild in the war in afghanistan. >> there are more revelations about a white house battle over the war's exit strategy. we begin with jane watrel.
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>> reporter: the silver spring native was o of nine service members killed in ablack hawk crash on tuesday. lieutenant looney was a navy seal and a 2007 graduate of the naval academy. he was in nation special war fafrl he was always 1999 graduat of dematha catholic high school where he played football. he switched to lacrosse a navy and played on that team with his two brothers. and he was a standout. this afternoon, his high school footll coach told news4, he was devastated by the news of his death. he was scheduled to return to dematha to talk to students there. >> he was a great student athlete. three years on the varsity football team. a two-year starter. a senior, his co-captain. the type of young man who would do anything you asked him to do and then some. he was always trying to do the right thing and worked very hard acadically to get into the naval academy. that gives you an idea of the
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type of student he was. even more so, the type of person he was. he would give back to otrs. he would leave and do all the intangible thing to help everybody. >> brendan looney's family traveled to dover, delaware, to neat transport plane carrying his body, along with the other military personnel killed in the crash. he is svived by s parents, threers? two youer brothers. and althrow taliban forces claimed to have shot down that black hawk helicopter, the u.s. defense officials said the crash appears to be the result of an know. of the 12 people on board, two other americans and one afghan did survive. >> jane watrel, thanyou. we've had some severe storms in the area this afternoon. they seem to be settling down. doug kammerer joins with us the latest. >> settling down in a big way. that's the good news. earlier today we did see a strong to severe thunderstorm making its way through loudoun county into montgomery and rthern fairfax county. for the most part, those storms are gone. the only storm we have are down
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into spotsylvania county andot even storm here. they were severe into part of orange county but since they've moved to the east, they are dying down. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch that is in effect for the entire area until 10:00 tonight. so there are still a few more storms upstream well to the north and west of the area. when i come back, i'll show what you i think those storm will be doing overnight. right now at 90 degrees. 90 in la plata. it was a very hot day today. i think it will be a hot day tomorrow as well. as we move through the night, a few scattered, maybe even isolated showers or thunderstorms. once again i don't recollect expectoo much out there. i'll show you those storms coming up. plus, tomorrow morning. skinl degrees, going to a high today into the 90s. d on friday, a high near 95. your four-day forecast in the extended outlook coming up a little later on. >> thanks. the man accused of murdering maryland state trooper wesley brown face ad judge today. cyril cornelius williams
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appeared in prince george's court for a preliminary hearing. the judge decided to keep him detained with no bond. he faces first-degree murder charges. back in june, trooper brown was off duty working as a security guard when he was gunned wn outside of a forestville appleby's restaurant. a dragacing know seriously injured a couple of teenagers in beltsville this morning. it happened on powder mill road. the driver of the car that crashed lst control on a cush, croed the line and hit a car in oncoming traffic. nobody in the car they hit was injured. both teens are 17 years old and they are expectedo survive. the passenger arrives high point high school. new restrictions on who can and cannot get a driver's license in virginia sparked a protest rally today in immigration. the group of people demonstrated outside the department of motor vehicles headquarters in richmond. they're hoping to change the new rules implemented by the governor earlier this month.
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he will have to prove they are in the country legally before they can get a driver's license. it is in response to a deadly drunk driving accident that was allegedly caused by an illegal immigrant. a virginia nun was killed in that crash. today, protesters say if they can't get a driver's license, they can't get t work. coming up, a woman who was evict had boxes of her belongings tossed on the streets until news4 viewers called in t help. the 911 call to help after a local try athlete was run order on the side othe road. new reports about what really caused the titanic to sink. and a 12 foot long alligator and a 12 foot long alligator on four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for git cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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lawmakers on the hill presented what they call a disturbing picture of america's egg farming industry. they asked about the deprable conditions found in two iowa farminked to the summer's big salmonella outbreak. they are big on apologies but short on answers. >> reporter: it was a hearing that drew high emotion. srupted by a protest against the entire e industry and full of tough testimony from those sickened this summer.
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your whole body head to toe is in agony. i was inetal position for i don't know how long. >> reporter: while victim had plenty to say, the owner of one of the farm at the center of the salmonella tbreak refused to aner questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer the question. >> reporter: the investigation targets iowa's hillendale farms at wright county eggs. the pictures taken by fda inspector are enough to make anyone sick. investigators aim that wright, salmonella was detected 426 times before this summer's outbreak. >> too much manure is blowing out your buildings. you have cracks, dead mice, dead chickens,aggots. that stuff didn't just happen. >> the building is designed to have these. >> reporter: they said it was ingredients sole to them by outside buyers but they were apologetic. >> i have prayed several time these day for all of these
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people. for improved health. >> reporter: the two farm vontarily were called over half a billion eggs when the fda requested it. and wright's owners insist they hav since made sweeping safety change. something the government will insist on. under new egg rules designed to crack the cycle of salmonella andeep more tainted egg from making ito market. >> reporter: in that testimony today, a representative of the fda push the commit yeah to pass a bill that would give the fda additional resources, as well as mandatory recall authority. right now, all food recalls are voluntary. in washington, kristen dahlgren, news4. >> while both iowa farm tested positive for the salmonella strains that have made so many people sick, the fda is looking into theexact cause of the outbreak. president obama was in northern virginia today. he went there to showcase the benefits of the health care act he signed into law six months ago. a discussion was held in the backyard of a resident's home in fall church. about 20 people were there.
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the president announce that had more provisions of the new health law kick in tomorrow. one of those provisions lets children stay on their parents' insurance until the kid turns 26. another one requires insurers to cover children with preexisting conditions. many the people at today's event describe how ty have personally benefited from the health care change. even as the president was sending thousands of troops to afghanistan some time ago, he was determined to find a way out. that is just one of the disclosures in a new book about the white house, written by one of the nation's most prominent investigative journalists. >> repoer: an exit strategy. that was president obama's demand, according to bob woodward's new book about afghanistan. it was last year, the afghan war going poorly, the president rushed in 20,000 troops. then set out to change strategies. setting off a battle inside his
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administration. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen and general david petraeus wanted 40,000 more forces. vice president biden opposed any increase. the obama compromise was 30,000 with a pullout in 2011 because he said, i can't lose the whole democratic party. >> the president decided. he stood up for what he wanted and he purchased back against the most powerful players in the military. >> reporter: obama advisers richard holbrooke and douglas complained the strategy could not work. so far it ha't. the taliban still gaining strength. was there too much drama on team obama? >> in the white house, you're constantly fighting with your colleague for influence in the president's eyes and it is not unusual that you would see senior staff member fight over such a big decision. >> reporter: new revelations from the woodward book. the cia run a secret 3,000 men afghan earl. afghan president karzai is manic depressive and on drug
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today he denies it. experts testified on capitol hill today that home grown terrorists might be the number one threat now. not fanatics from afghanistan. mr. obama told woodward, if terrorits stage another big strike like 9/11, he believes we can in his words, absorb it. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. nbc's chief correspondent jim miklaszewski will join us later in the broadcast with more on the afghan strategy and woodward's new book. coming up, a hero's welcme for veterans in the nation's capital. doug returns with a look at the full forecast as the final hours of summer wine down. i'm mayor gilchrist in maryland. the intercounty connector could open. good evening.
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it's been a challenging afternoon with delays. let's look at springfield. as you can see, mainline very heavy this afternoon as you head toward newington. fortunately the delays do not last. by the time you hit lorton, you're back to the speed limit. it is just on and on the brakes. nothing too standg. around the capital beltway, here is the pace on the inner loop as you make your way toward kennelworth. elsewhere around the capital beltway, we have big delays. as you can see, this is the outer loop headed away from us. and as you make your trip on the inner loop, it is coming from the american legion. the pace improves and then on and off the brakes austin to silver spring. into the sunshine outer loop, drivers do hit the brakes. ♪
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the sichk of the titanic could have been avoided. that's accordi to a new book by the granddaughter of one of the ship's sailors. louise patton said one of the ship's helmsman turned the titanic the wrong way when the icebergas spotted. by the time the crew realized theeeror, it was too late. patton said that charles, the ship's second office here survived the sinking,overed up that mistake for years because he was afraid it would bankrupt the titanic's owners.
6:20 pm
hadn't heard that one before. >> neither did i. you have to know your right from your left. >> starboard and port, i guess. so the storms are knd of crazy for a little while? >> yeah. and actually, thing are starting to pop up a little again. not anything severe across the area. that's the good news. boy, was it hot. we reached a high of 95 degrees. let's take a look outside. you canee some dark clouds off behind the capital blding there. throws some more showers. right now coming in around the green belt area into maryland. let show you what is happening on live doppler radar. you can see the storm making their way through part of loudoun county into montgomery county. here are those stos. a little storm cell moving in here. then this one right here around the beltway, we'll zoom in on this one and you'll see right there. right around 495. again, if you're driving 495 this way, the inner loop, the outer loop. you're getting rained on. this is some heavy rain.
6:21 pm
it will continue toward bowie across maryland. watch out for those. i would speck to see some lightni as well. maybe some small hail. this was a fairly small storm. there are some bigger storm to the sow and west into pennsylvania. this is a line of storm that could make its way into our area a little bit later on this evening. so that's why we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect unt ten clog tonight for the entire area. so a few showers and thunderstorms out there right now. they are isolated. and that's, i think, the way they're going to stay hroughout much of the evening. outside as we mentioned, temperature on the warm side. 95 degrees today. the average, 8. well above that. a very hot day today and the first of three very hot days. i think we'll be into the 90s tomorrow. and then maybe even hotter on friday. a high of 95 on friday. that would be a new record. the old record was 94. i think we're going to get that pretty easily 88 in frederick.
6:22 pm
culpeper, 90 degrees. we've seen a couple of strong and severe storms, down toward orange county. they've made their way through otsylvania. they've weakened considerably. cool air behind this little frontal boundary. 67 in buffalo. there's the warm air ahead of this. raleigh around 93 degrees and all that warm air will stay entrenched over our region over the next few days. their frontal boundary making its way toward pennsylvania. that's where it wil stop. showers and storm ahead of it. it will make its way toward the north as a warm front during the day tomorrow. here comes the cold front. then tomorrow, it moves back to the north. watch what happen on friday. high pressure still off the coast. we're going to see more of a sou westerly ind. maybe upwards of 15 to 20 miles an hour. that will add the heat, plus a little more human. friday will be a very uncomfortable day before another front moves through on saturday. that front will help to cool us down yet again. just in time for the weekend. so this evening, a w evening late strong thunderstorms possible. 79 to 86 grees. as you move into the day
6:23 pm
tomorrow. go tomorrow morning, not bad. i think a pretty nice morning. maybe some patchy fog, especially where you saw some rain. maybe toward loudoun county. 61 to 69 degrees tomorrow. the forecast looks just like this. partly sunny, more summer heat for fall. it will be the first day of fall. so why not be 93 degrees? as we move into the second day of fall, how about 95 degrees? sure. and then 85 on saturday. and then on sunday, this is the system i told you abo yesterday. watching this system very closely, it is one that, if it comes through, it could produce rain sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. we really need to see some rain. right now it looks like some shower activity on sunday and then maybe some heavier rain into next week. that situation will change. we'llontinue to watch it for you. >> 90s in late september feels kind of unnatural. >> doesn't it though? >> if they were in decemberwe would have some big problems. >> earlier in our broadcast, we told you the story of a navy sweel local ties who was kill in
6:24 pm
afghanistan. nd also, talking about infighting in the white house as it regards the lead-up and whether or not to send troops into that war. there are new revelations about what's going. on the book is by bob woodward from the "washington post." a long time investigative reporter and editor for the post. jim miklaszewski joins with us more on that story and the black ha crash yesterday in afghanistan. let's begin with that. the taliban said they took that plane down. others y, no, they didn't. what is the latest? >> reporter: the u.s. military hasn't released the exact cause of the crash but it is believed to have been an know as four navy seals and five army, perhaps special operations forces, that were involved in a nature time mission that was launched at 4:00 a.m. against the taliban target there in south eastern afghanistan. somehow crashed as it landed on he target si in trying to carry out that mission.
6:25 pm
so the four navy seals have now been identified. the five army soldiers have not. and whilehe cause of the investigation, the cause of the crash is still under investigation, u.s. military officials say there is no sign whatsoever that it was brought down by hostile fire. >> unusually intimate details about conversations in the white house leading up to the surge in troops in afghanistan. is that unusual? what is the reaction in the pentagon? >> i think i would hav to agree. we've seen this movie bfore in other administrations. this is the first time that there has been this kind kiss and tell, however, in regard to the obama white hous and most of it surrounds a very critical decisions that president obama had to make in formulating a new strategy. and putting 30,000 additional troops into afghanistan in what is a surge-like operation as we saw in iraq.
6:26 pm
the usual back-biting and infighting and name calling. i think the white house has to be very pleased. because in this book, president obama himself comes across as being very decisive and deliberative, bringing order to the kind of chaos that you often see in policy making. the only rap perhaps against president obama in this book is when asked why he set a deadline to begin withdrawal ofroops from afghanistan, he said he had to say it that way. because he didn't want t lose the entire democratic party. making it appear that politics, rather than policy and strategy in afghanistan wasoremost in the president's mind, jim. >> thanks very much. jim miklaszewski, thank you for your tim coming up, an eviction dilemma that prompted an outpouring of support. panicked about the h1n1 flu
6:27 pm
virus has ended. some doctors say some kids are still seeing the effects of it. there were frantic call for help for a cyclist. find out why a virginia man is counting his blessing after losing a winning lottery ticke the nationals snap their four-game losing streak in style. the redskins react to the release of larry johnson. and we'll have the latest on rookie le tackle trent
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first on4, newly released 911 tapes after an know took the life of a local cyclist. the victim, 22-year-old natasha pettygras was run over by an suv early sunday morning. some some new questions are emerging about this case. the new informationis coming from 911 tapes released today. and they are talking about that suv in the crash. no one has been charged in this se. pat collins has our report.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: it seem answers lead to more questions we begin with the call for help. >> hello. i just saw truck, a car run over a person on a bicycle. the person didn't stop. >> she look like she was tossed out of a car. she is bleeding. she is having troule breathing. keep breathing, baby, keep breathing. >> reporter: this is the escalade involved in the fatal accident. benea it the bike the victim was riding the drive of the suv will police, she didn't realize she hit someone until she got home. and saw that bike unher vehicle. some time after that accident. >> the closer that i got, the more i saw, , wow, there is a
6:32 pm
body laying in the road. as soon as i realized it was a body, i also noticedhe suv. >> reporter: that's crystal hayes. she was here in the dark hours sunday morning. she saw that cadillac escalade on the scene. >> could i tell that the suv was involved. they were introducing. i saw spark coming from underneath back of the s. a lot of sparks. i slowed down some. they continued to drive up 202. the suv began to pull over to the white. i didn't want them to notice me noticing them. so i continued to drive pass the suv. i s smoke coming from the front of t suv. >> reporter: it happened around 5:00 a.m. on route 202 near campus way. 22-year-old natasha was riding her bike when she was struggle by the escalade. police stay driverhought she hit a deer or a dog and didn't
6:33 pm
realize she hit someone until she got home and saw the bike wedged beneath her truck. police stay driver did call to report the know. no one has been charged in this case. the incident is still und investigation. i'm pat collins, news4, prince george's county. things looked very bleak for a d.c. woman named eloisa diaz. she was evicted yesterday and all of her belonging were put out on to the street. her stuff covered several city block and she was warned, trash truck woz take it all away this morning. she said she fell behind on her rent because she is a domestic worker and after the ression started, she has not been able to find a steady job her story appeared on news4 today this morning and several viewers immediately offered help. a moving company in virginia volunteered to move and store her belongings. and people called to offer diaz a job and a police to stay. >> blessed.
6:34 pm
i am feeling happy and relieved, the stress. now 100 per is big change. >> d.c. officials have also offerediaz counseling and other services. they say what is most unusual about this case is the here is volca sheer volume of her belongings. people say they've been living with a nightmar of the connector. the first phase of the icc is almost done but neighbors say they've had to endure three years of noise and property destruion, just to get to this point. aaron gilchrist has the report. >> bang, crash, bang, crash. >> reporter: ruth isn'tappy about what road construction has done to her life in the gaithersburg area. she said since heavy machinery rolled in and a mattress sound wall went up, it has been one headache after another. >> it has been living like in a dust ball. the constant, constant noise in the house shakes and all the windows rattle. >> reporter: crews are just a
6:35 pm
few months away from completing the first seven mile stretch of the intercounty connector. ultimately, the toll road will span 18 miles, connecting 270 in gaithersburg to 95 in laurel. shortening commutes and linking business corridors. roy is in charge of communicate outreach. >> we try to go out to folk and let them know about work before it happens so they can plan ahead. we've even put people up in hotels when we know we had to do work overnight. >> reporter: he said a lot of what happening is paving, striping and ectronics work. the first leg of the project is 85% done and he said some relief should come by year's end. >> it has really change the quality of life for some people. we're confident when the construction is over and the road is finally open, and all the construction equipment and the noise aregone, that it will be better for people. >> reporter: ruth says the $2 billion icc project has bulldozed her property value by about $200,000.
6:36 pm
and despite what the state has told her, it has left her with land she won't be able to use in the future. >> a ditch right up against that wall how many will i plant anything in that muddy ditch? it isn't worth it. it destroyed the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: barring any maj weatr events or other problems, the connector is set to open in its entirety by the beginning of 2012. i'm aaron gilchrist. news4. coming up, a gator think about the internet.
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a very hot day today and a few scattered showers out there. live digital doppler radar, let's zoom into a couple of these. one of them to the south. straddling the potomac river, dropping some heavy rain. there another towards gaithersburg. that one starting to weaken as it makes its way toward the east. another one to the east north of mitchellville will make its way across into anne arundel county the next couple hours. right now in prince george's county. the wider view showing more storm up to the north and west. that's why. the national weather service still has our area under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. but notice, the areas in virginia, most of virginia now out of that watchful that's very
6:40 pm
good news. the only areas in that watch are now fairfax, loudoun, and frederick county into virginia. and also, watch out, maryland, i think northern maryland. you have the best chance of seeing some strong storms. the four day forecast coming up a little later with more heat and some change as we head into the week. >> all right. thank you. >> some news for your health. some doctors stay h1n1 flu has had lingering neuralological effects for some children who caught it last year. doctors at the university of utah say some of their pediatric swine flu patients started having seizures, and other brain disorders. half of those children developed a life threatening condition that caused seizure episodes lasting longer than 30 minutes. some kids even temporarily lost the ability to talk. doctors say h1n1 is less of a threat this year. this flu season. but all families are still urged to get flu shots. a man in texas has a ranch. he looked up the other day and found a 12-foot long alligator
6:41 pm
out. there it weighed over 500 pounds. that's a big one. the guy named gary from that tv show gator 911 was sent in to help out. he wrasled it down and took to it aer in by alligator farm. you notice they took it very carefully. >> who knew there was a whole tv show about wrestling gators? >> hi, dan. >> we're going to be talking a little hockey. a former redskins running back looking for work. one gets a new gig. and mike shanahan.
6:42 pm
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♪ tell it to go on
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did i hear somebody say yesterday they may actually bring larry johnson back after the st. louis game? >> they're thinking about it. if somebody gets hurt, he would be the first one in the rotation interesting first guy you would call. i don't know that he would really want to come back. he might prefer to go to another team. but if he doesn't have a job, exactly. if he can get one. everybody needs a paycheck including larry johnson.
6:45 pm
his staff wasn't exactly sparkling for the redskins. 5 yards and two carries in two game. but his tenure was certainly shorter than expected. yesterday his agent expressed surprise that his client was released. today his former teammates had the same reaction. none of them, especially mcnabb, speck them to release him after two game. johnson a step slow throughout the preseason. he is dumb enough to slide into the back-up role behind importantis. he had one carry for mine ten yards. after that it was clear that williams had bumped johnson down the depth chart. nonetheless the move to release them was two 17-yard seasons shocked donavan mcnabb. >> i didn't see that coming. i don't think anyone saw it coming. especially when you're trying to get thing going in the game with the running back of his caliber and the thing he's been able to
6:46 pm
do. what we want to do here. i think you would kind of work, somehow work it so that it will work in our favor. and i did not 73 a decision was made. >> a lot of things it's, sometime special team, this or that. you have to make a decision that you think is in the best interests of the organization. and sometimes it is very, very tough. larry did a great job working the off-season. he gave us everything he had. and there is still a chance of something goes down, he could come back here. >> so if he does go down, and you're larry johnson, you go home, you don't have a job. that's a no brainer. >> do you think he'll get pick up by somebody sell in. >> that's a good question. he didn't look that good. if you're going with the back-up running back, you want the young guy who make less money. as opposed to larry johnson. >> so we may see him again. >> it could hatch. the daily injury report, safety
6:47 pm
moore said he expects to be ready for the ram game. moore recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. and albert haynesworth was limited in practice. they had he is still bothered by a sprained ankle. the biggest question mrk this week is the defensive back william. right now it doesn't lookgood. he didn't pr today. williams was running around with a knee brace and a noticeable limp. against the play here. it hasn't been ruled out. he has not mike shanahan hopes willia will be able to go and they hope it will bring a heck of a lot to the table. >> it's very frustrating. he is a very talented and h se group as far as the seven guy and whoever is call upon to play i think will be ready.
6:48 pm
>> obviously we have -- he is a pretty good football player. no doubt. hefully there is no let-down. hopefully he can step up and just play at a high level for us. we will wait and see. >> so at one will get to start at the left tackle position if he can't go. i will say this. if there is one game for him to miss, perhaps the ram game would be it. >> so maybe that is a blessing. >> absolutely. >> everybody is very high on him. nats and astros downtown. jason marquis on the hill for the nationals. he is looking to bounce back from one of his worst starts. hoping that momentum will carry over. the nats exploded for seven run in the eighth inning to snap a four-game losing skid. for few in attendance, they said about 11,000 were there. this was a good one. 1-0 astros. jason michaels takes john deep into the seats.
6:49 pm
he gave up four hits in the inning as the nats fall behind 3-0. but he would settle down givin up two hits in the next 19 batters he faces. he had three strikeouts and allowed seven innings. eight machines is when things got real good. two out, one on, and punch rodriguez gets into one. it hits the pole. career number 309. the nats keep the rally alive on the wild pitch. in come justin max well. and the sherwood high school alum goes down for the count in front of the dugout. everybody laughing. that's fine. they came back to win the game. he was just fine. 8-4 is the final. they snap that losing streak. the capitals open up the prescene clumz.
6:50 pm
pressure on this team on they have all their horses back in a pair of 22-year-old goalies are vying. he battled injury for much of last season but he has flashed brilliant. balgt michael, who just agreed to a new two-year, $2 million ontract extension. he spent much of last season in the minors. he did go 9-4 when they called him up. he had this take on the caps' two young goalies. >> a lot more similar than they are different. their play is very similar but the way they approach the game is a little bit different. where varley is more focused. >> jeff schultz, our in studio
6:51 pm
guest was here at 5:00 talking abt those two young goalies. news some former redskins. the running back, you remember him. with the saints, back up clinton pors. a 1,000 yard season. went to the saints. was released by the saints but he's bn re-signed by the saints because they lost reggie bush. jason campbell who was benched by the raid orders sun will stay onhe bench. bruce will start for the raiders. that's a tough break for them. the suspended wide receiver has been begging to be trade. goes no when he. the chargers turned down several offers including the viking. patriots running back kevin faulk done for the year with a torn cl. in the nba, javaris crittendon who was the other player
6:52 pm
involved in the gun incident will be going to charlotte to try out for the bobcats. he is going to training camp with them. and of course the new owner of the charlotte bobcats is michael jordan. so you have a little wizards connection there. >> talking about on the radio today, wouldn't it b cool if he had to decide which playoff game to go to because the wizards and the cats were in the playoffs at the same time. wouldn't that be cool? >> nice dream. >> thank you, dan. coming u
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
many veterans have world war ii have never seen their own memorial here in washington, d.c. over the past five years an organization has been trying to do something about that by flying veterans here to see. i john schriffen was here today.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: as veterans from all over the country stepped off their planes and rold into d.c., they were greeted with a hero's welcome. every week for the last five years, volueers with the honor flight network have brought veterans here to see the world war ii memorial. will will. >> makesou want to cry. >> reporter: after the bus ride from the airport, they captured the moment with a group photo. then it was time to see the nation's trite to them. >> they come here and see what it represents. it's beautiful. >> what does it represent to you? >> to me, it's freedom. that's what it is. freedom. tt's what it was all about. >> this one-day experience is completely free of charge for the world war ii veterans paid for by honor donations. each trip costs about $50,000.
6:57 pm
for these veterans to be here reliving their youth, is priceless. >> for some, the emotions were too much to handle thinng about friends not here today. >> i don't think it is big enough for everybody. you stop and think about it. 80% didn't come back. they missed a lifetime. they missed a lifetime. they died when they wer 18 and 19 and 20-year-old kids that's what we were. >> reporter as the day wrapped up interesting veterans took the time to remember the men and women who are still in harm's way. >> god bless you. keep you safe. thank you for what you do. >> reporter: john schriffen, news4. >> that's so meaningful for so many people. they had kind of a warm day for thir day. >> they really did. at least the sun was shing. no real rain for them. a couple of showers out there now.
6:58 pm
nothing severe and really nothing real strong. a couple of showers making their wa over toward gaithersburg and 0 and then more up toward anne arundel county. most of the actity, mostly we should stay on the dry side. 95. that was the high today. so yes, a very hot day today and the first of what will be three days. today, tomorrow into friday. high temperatures around 93. friday is the day we'll see some rathe breezy conditions. a little more humidity. it will be hot. some areas could see highs in the upper 90s. and then a cnce of a shower right now on sunday. but just a chance. >> okay. >> thank you. woodrow galloway lives in martinville, virginia. he 70 years old. he played power for the very first time and he won $1 million. the virginia lottery presented galloway with his winning check this afternoon. but listen to how it works. galloway bought that lottery ticket back in april. and then he lost it. his wife found it just last
6:59 pm
week. that's when they realized they had hit the jackpot. after taxes, galloway takes home about $700,000. the entire community including the galloway family was wondering why the winner had not come forward to claim the prize. galloway said he will use the money to help the people at work and i on the broadcast tonight, the egg prob

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